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We acquire Culture, Cultural identity, we communicate and transmit through new digital methods that are truly pervasive today. The transmission of values in the digital age is an essential contribution of Core Values which was created by promoting the meeting and dialogue between those responsible for the Media, the economic realities (ADV) that allow the creation of possibly valid and edifying content.


From 2016 on, Core Values has promoted a serie of meetings with world communication leaders for enhancing cooperations among countries and peoples. Presidents and CEOs of the major IT and advertising and communication groups, including Alphabet Google, Wpp, Orascom, Aegis Dentsu, Discovery Communications and Publicis, had the opportunity to interact on the relevant issues that can protect the economic development in an increasingly technological world.


The meeting held, on November 4th 2016, with Pope Francis in Santa Marta House, inside the Vatican City, constitutes a “new beginning”. Speaking arm-in-arm he said: “I know you come from different traditions and religions ... so I only tell you that you can and must be, with your work, a caress in the heart of this humanity that dies of loneliness, for lack of affection and hope “.

Comunicazione, Media e Pubblicità


Social Advertising

Development of Social Advertising, by addressing the economic resources of the Marketing Industry on the social stage, increase the purchasing capacity of families.

Production of interactive subjects

Core Values is promoting the creation and transmission of contents in favor of the people and families by means of some of the most important modern communication platforms.


International Meetings and Symposiums

(Think Globally, Act Locally). From 2017 onwards, Core Values intends to bring its themes to the attention of local communities by organizing events, in certain selected cities, which will involve local representatives of the Church, of Business and of the Culture worlds.

Collaboration with CCC of America

CCC of America and Core Values Org. will work together to produce values-based and educational content. CCC of America is an international edutainment company that has focused on producing family values-based content in 22 countries and 10 different languages since 1983.

Computer portatile d'argento

Coalition for Digital ADS of SMES

Core Values is also a founding member of CDA - Coalition for Digital Ads of SMES. In the area of Digital Advertising, SME Connect EU has created a Coalition for the promotion and development of SMEs through the development of new Advertasing platforms that support the development of their communication.


Core Values Org. receives the official welcome to SME Connect. Special Thanks to Paul Rubig (President and Founder) and Horst Heitz (Chair of the Steering Committee). The best way to build up a platform paving a way to Brussels throughout Europe and to maximize the impact of SMEs on the European Community level with more than 4.5 million companies. The interaction with the PLATFORM ECONOMY WORKING GROUP will offer Core Values Org. a very significant context to promote International Business development with new economic models based on the promotion of the common good. (Brussels, 10 March 2021)

Principali aree di competenza di Core Values:

Educazione e Formazione

Comunicazione, media e pubblicità

Finanza ed Economia: l'Ecologia Integrale

Scienze della vita, promozione della salute

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