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Core Values Org  is an organization aiming at promoting universal values in the digital age, interacting with communication leaders and today’s world leaders. It proposes to plan and transmit new economic models and new practices on the universal “Common Good”, on the social economy in a perspective of Integral Ecology and enhancement of biodiversity.


CV has spread various collaborative forms on topics such as economics, international cooperation, training, communication in its various forms with various Governments, Corporations, Small-Medium enterprises, Organizations and Universities. One of the main sectors of activity focuses on changing the financial world which, through new operating models, through a global ecological vision that places man at the center, must promote the social economy and the universal common good.


Today there is a clear global interest in new technologies and practices and demand for sharing experiences between countries of all income levels. We are now facing key challenges in the transition to solutions that are well suited to address people and companies all over the world allowing them to consider policy frameworks and market systems. Technological advances and societal changes have triggered a drastic evolution. Spreading the cardinal themes that the world is experiencing and raising awareness of the people of the world is the main mission of CV organization.


We live in times when the economy, directly and indirectly, dictates the rules of coexistence of the people and peoples. Economic indicators increasingly influence the destinies of nations and Economic evaluations, with its current metrics, condition the destinies of each individual state, heavily influencing its political and government choices. Everything moves according to the logic of an economy that imposes its laws and values but the economy today is under the yoke of finance. Finance that has lost its generativity and gained control of the economy and society must now have a universal conscience without speculation. Huge masses of money, with their hovering over the financial markets, decide the fate of businesses and nations regardless of the social, economic, political and natural context.


Finanza ed Economia: l'Ecologia Integrale

New metrics and Financial Assessment for the Common Good: Values’ Metrics

CV is promoting different meetings on new economic models and new metrics, between ethics and economics with the world of associations, the tertiary sector and industrial protagonists and a series of workshops with Social Security Funds and Pension Funds for the development of a sustainable finance system, identifying with Integral Ecology.


The creation of Metric’s Values as instrument to channel investments toward the companies that commit themselves to work for the common good as propagators of health and well being.


The Development of a Platform to promote Metric’s Values worldwide as Measurement and validation tool for the implementation of the fundamental principles expressed by ESG and SRI criteria in the logic of the promotion of new paradigms for an economy for the Common Good. The main goal is create sustainable opportunities of investments in compliance with these principles and to develop national and international businesses.       



The creation of a new financial fund to be presented to institutional investors (pension funds, social funds, banking institutions and foundations, insurance companies, etc.) in order to direct investment towards the real economy in terms of sustainability and support for the common good

Investment Instruments to address Companies

The creation of investment instruments and products inspired by religious principles and values allow a sustainable and responsible finance. For this reason a rating and some sustainability standards are being studied for the relationship with Companies to generate an impulse for an economy more attentive to man and his context by conveying Institutional Investors.


-   Synergy with SME Connect to build networks with business stakeholders in Europe and Worldwide (Italia, Portugal, Spain and America Latina, USA, etc.).


-   Scouting for Investments Funds according to ESG and PRI principles related to Metric’s Values Instrument and the specific interest of each Fund. Some examples: Green Energy, Agri-food & Innovation, Social Housing, Transport & Innovation, A.I. & innovative applications.

In costruzione

Projects for the development of Corporate Business in the Real Economy

To the development of economic interdependence, the present world has not corresponded to a positive social correlation and therefore created enormous inequalities that increase with the growth in the real economy. It is necessary to compensate and limit the different types of inequality with international alliances, synergies of programs and international cooperation agreements, also to concentrate more financial resources on social, solidarity and ethical objectives. Among new emerging companies it is very important to create the right alliances in different markets; for this reason, we strongly are committed to better consolidate companies which can benefit more.


-   Synergy with the European SME Business Club (ESBC) to gradually build up a platform paving a way to Brussels for SMEs throughout Europe.


-   Financial Advisory and Global Coordinator: Structured Finance (Securitisation, Bond Issues), International M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions, Leveraged and Management Buyouts) and IPOs.


-   Fundraising initiatives to support activities and organizations with a strong social impact


-   European Commission Grants for ACP Countries (Africa-Caribbean-Pacific) The objectives of development finance cooperation are, through the provision of adequate financial resources and appropriate technical assistance, to support and promote the efforts of African States. Caribe and Pacific Area to achieve the objectives set out in the Agreement on the basis of mutual interest and in a spirit of interdependence.

Energy and Environment

The dialogue on which the future of the planet is built leads to identifying the necessary actions to resolve the consequences of environmental degradation in order to take on the best fruits of scientific research. Core Values is promoting a line of initiatives between companies for the sustainable development of Humanity.


-   Synergy with SME Connect to promote green business in Agriculture and food in collaboration with the specific working group of SME Connect


-   Team building and Synergies for the promotion of Green Energy Projects and Best Practices for the protection of the Earth.


Co-Chair Emerging Markets & Latin America.

In the context of President von der Leyen’s geopolitical European Commission, emerging markets like Africa and India are ripe of untapped potential. By shifting the paradigm away from aid and towards investment, emerging markets can actively steer their developmental trajectory, while reducing poverty at the same time. Moreover, participating in international trade will open up new markets as well as promote access to capital, all the while being embedded in global supply and production chains facilitates bilateral technology flows and knowledge transfers. The merging of different expertise and market characteristics makes the perfect framework for innovation and the creation and delivery of original products and services. Thanks to these exchanges in the production sector, local SMEs and workers can benefit from more and better opportunities to further their education and develop additional skills and capabilities.

Principali aree di competenza di Core Values:

Educazione e Formazione

Comunicazione, media e pubblicità

Finanza ed Economia: l'Ecologia Integrale

Scienze della vita, promozione della salute

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