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The Earth Charter has asked us to leave behind a period of self-destruction and start over, but we have not yet developed the universal awareness necessary to achieve this. Here I would like to echo that courageous challenge: "As never before in history, the common destiny invites us to seek a new beginning ... May ours be a time remembered for the awakening of a new respect for life, the firm will to achieve sustainability, the acceleration of the struggle for justice and peace and the joyful celebration of life ”. (LS 207)


Local conflicts and contempt for the common good are exploited by the global economy to impose a unique cultural model. This culture unifies the world, but divides people and nations, because "as society becomes more and more globalized, it brings us close, but it does not make us brothers" (FT 12)



The Core Values Association​​ intends to promote universal values in the digital age by interacting with today's communications leaders and world leaders. It aims to design and transmit new economic models and new practices for the "Universal Common Good", on the social economy in a perspective of Integral Ecology and enhancement of biodiversity.


Core Values​​ it has developed various forms of collaboration on issues such as economics, international collaboration, training, communication in its various forms with various governments, Vatican dicasteries, small-medium enterprises, institutions and universities. One of the main business sectors focuses on changing the financial world. Through new operational models, based on a global ecological vision that places man at the center, they must promote the social economy and the universal common good. Today there is a clear global interest in new technologies and practices and the demand for sharing experiences between countries of all income levels.


We are now facing key challenges in transitioning to solutions that are suited to addressing people and businesses around the world by enabling them to consider policy frameworks and market systems. Technological advances and social changes have triggered a drastic evolution. Spreading the cardinal themes that the world is experiencing and raising awareness of the whole world of the people of the world is the main mission of the Core Values organization. Core Values​​ it also undertakes, through its President and Vice-President, to pursue the objectives of the Barragan Foundation, on the health of people in need, in agreement with the founder, Cardinal Javier Lozano y Barragan, President emeritus of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Health. Globalizing solidarity and creating value are the main objectives of the Core Values.

Main areas of expertise of Core Values:

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Education and Training

Communication, media and advertising

Finance and Economics: Integral Ecology

Life sciences, health promotion

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